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• JumpStart class (a 3-credit-hour course for academic credit at no tuition cost4)

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Make the most of these NEISD higher education partner benefits to learn how to upskill or pursue your goals. Contact us to get started: https://www.devryworks.com/anaw or email at ana.lopezward@devry.edu

1Not including breaks. Assumes year-round, full-time enrollment. Additional program information may be found at https://www.devry.edu/degree-programs.html.

2Immediate Family Members of NEISD graduates and alumni who may benefit from family tuition savings include: spouse, biological child, stepchild, legally adopted child, child for whom a graduate from NEISD is a court appointed guardian, child of a domestic partner, and adoptive or biological parents of the eligible class of 2020 NEISD graduate. Dependents are also defined as a domestic partner in a committed long-term relationship. Neither party can be legally married to other individuals.

3Students may participate in one DeVry-based tuition benefit program only. Those who qualify for more than one program will be presumed to accept the program with the highest reduction in by-semester cost. Students who qualify for and prefer a different tuition benefit program must confirm, in writing, the alternate program in which they wish to participate prior to starting classes at DeVry University. Restrictions may apply. Visit https://partner.devry.edu/neisd/home for full program details.

4DeVry University (DVU) in conjunction with your employer is offering employees who are new or readmit DeVry students to take a DVU 3-credit-hour course for academic credit at no tuition cost. Those interested in a 4+ credit hour undergraduate course may also enroll.  3 credit hours would be complimentary and the student will be responsible for books, fees and tuition for credit hours 4+, paid in advance of registration.  Employees must apply to DVU and be admitted and accepted as a new student, meet all prerequisite and course requirements, and take the complimentary course within their first session of enrollment. Students who place foundations may not participate in the program until they have successfully completed their foundations coursework.